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I agree with you, quality over quantity. How many quality do you have for your family?


LOL, Gina! As of right now, I have about 1,200 persons in my family tree. I'm not researching too much further right now, but kind of "digging" where I am. Focusing on a couple of branches to learn more!


I agree with you on both counts.... There are some folk who claim descent from every king who ever existed... even some who died w/o offspring!

And entering women by married name -- that's my major peeve with Geni.com


Myheritage.com is awful when it comes to names! I looked into Geni.com and that is one of the things that made me look elsewhere... I guess that's why I like Ancestry.com better!


I think 1,200 is a lot. Good for you! Enjoy your digging.

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