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If you are here - You probably know me!
And on the slim chance that you don't - If you read either one of my blogs, you will soon have a pretty good idea about who I am...

"En salig röra" (A holy mess) is where I blog about my genealogy research. The posts here are first written in Swedish, since I started keeping this blog for my Swedish relatives. But I now add an English translation at the end of every post! I cast a pretty wide net here, since I'm researching several branches of my family - and dear husband's. Most of my research keep me digging through archives here in Sweden. But we have a lot of family in different parts of North America too, so immigration/emigration is a big part too. Then I have one branch with very interesting roots in medieval Europe! That particular research has more taken on the form of studying history.

"Life according to Thess" is just me... Not as frequently written as "En salig röra", and kept entirely in English. About life, family, travels, photography and digital scrapbooking!


Travels, Photography, Digital Scrapbooking, Genealogy - and SHOES!